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Audra Andrews

Master Esthetician and East Asian Medicine Practitioner
Audra Andrews ME, EAMP is a Master Esthetician and East Asian Medicine Practitioner with a lifelong passion for healthy skin. She graduated from Greenwood Academy of Skin, and completed her Master Esthetician certification under the direct supervision of Dr. Fernando Vega MD. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Science, and prides herself on her knowledge of facial anatomy. Every facial that she performs utilizes acupressure meridian massage techniques to induce deep relaxation, as well as to energize the skin and strengthen facial muscles. Not only will your skin look great,but your mind and spirit will feel revitalized. As well as being a Master Esthetician here at Babyface, Audra is also a busy Mom, Wife, and Acupuncturist in her private practice. Audra is deeply devoted to health and skin care, and is passionate about her vision to create a healthy and balanced community one face at a time. She receives great joy and fulfillment as a Master Esthetician and is excited to be a part of the Babyface team!