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Facials Seattle


Advanced glow and lift trio
$ 195

95 Minutes. This is our most advanced and result oriented facial. Our Oxygenating Facial and Microcurrent Facial are combined followed by microdermabrasion to resurface and smooth your skin. You will see immediate results with this amazing treatment. Your skin will be restored, firmed and tightened. Fine lines reduced and a brightness and evenness revealed.

$ 135

60 Minutes. Indulge in something sweet and delicious that is actually good for you! This innovative three-part facial uses an advanced peel and peptide system to awaken your skin’s natural radiance. An exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract will leave you feeling vibrant and rosy cheeked!

Just a Peel
$ 75-$125

30 minutes. (1-4 layers) -- Cleanse, peel, treat, hydrate. This treatment is tailored to address the specific skin concerns of each client. Excellent for addressing such issues as fine lines, textured skin, oily/acne prone skin and hyper-pigmentation or sun damage. It may be added to the revitalizing facial, the hydrating facial or experienced on its own. $75-$125 (1-4 layers) When added to facial — $25- $75 (1-4 layers)

$ 155

60 Minutes. Often referred to as the “non -surgical face lift” This treatment gives the muscles of your face a work out by using low voltage electricity to promotes cellular activity and increase collagen. The micro pulses mirror the body’s own natural electrical current and are painless. So many benefits! Your skin will feel tingly and invigorated. Fine lines will be less prominent, eyes lifted and more awake and a tightening and lifting around the jaw line, cheekbones and mouth. You will see the difference after just one treatment. For optimal results we recommend at least 3 sessions. . . . Series of 3 treatments -- $395 . . . . Series of 6 treatments -- $785

$ 135

60 Minutes. This non invasive exfoliating treatment is great for anyone who wants to see a more polished look to their skin. This treatment is customized for every skin type. Excellent option for reducing fine lines, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Can be coupled with a Chemical Peel or Peel Alternative for maximum results.

$ 125

60 Minutes. This facial combines papaya puree, lemon, orange and apple to brighten and exfoliate dull complexions and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. With green tea, vitamin E and honey, these powerful moisturizing antioxidants will help keep your skin soft and hydrated. This results-oriented treatment is appropriate for all skin types and conditions.

$ 125

60 minutes -- This facial was formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin conditions of all kinds. Key ingredients include oat milk which is an excellent humectant and antioxidant. This unique treatment incorporates advanced botanicals and pro-vitamins such as cucumber and arnica to improve the skin’s appearance. This facial is appropriate for all types of skin but recommended for those suffering from Rosacea or very dry and sensitive skin.

$ 125

60 minutes -- This facial uses a three step formulation that contains anti-oxidants and enzymes that leave skin smooth, purified and glowing. This is an excellent choice for those experiencing. breakouts and congestion in the skin.

Teen And Tween Acne Facial
$ 95

45 minutes -- Help treat and calm adolescent acne prone skin. This facial includes a starter kit of essential cleansing and moisturizing products (retail value $75). This facial also includes instructions on how to properly care for skin to help prevent future breakouts - because we all know that your teenager will listen to advice from almost anyone but you!

Back Facial
$ 100

45 minutes -- A wonderful treat for the skin! Cleanse, steam, massage and treat this sometimes overlooked area of the skin.

Mini Facial
$ 90

45 minutes -- All the luxury of a hydrating facial in just 45 minutes.