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brow lamination vs microblading

There are a lot of services out there, and it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one would be best for you. From waxing to threading, tweezing to tinting, you can choose from a variety of methods to achieve the look you want. But two of the more popular options on the market today are brow lamination and microblading. So what’s the difference between them? Let’s take a closer look. Of all the options available, the most popular options are brow lamination and microblading. Let’s compare the two to help you decide if either is right for you. 



Microblading is an eyebrow enhancement technique that creates fuller, thicker brows with semi-permanent ink applied directly onto the skin with a tiny blade-like tool. It creates very natural-looking results compared to other tattoo techniques and can last up to 18 months before needing to be touched up again. Using a handheld tool, we deposit pigment into the epidermis. It is essentially a semi-permanent tattoo that draws hair strokes into the top layer of skin creating fuller brows and filling in areas that are lacking hair. A topical numbing cream is used to numb the area before the microblading is performed; most people find the process fairly painless. Microblading requires a touch-up after the initial treatment has healed and will require touch-ups about every two years to keep it maintained. 


Brow Lamination:

Brow lamination is a relatively new procedure that lifts and reshapes eyebrows into their desired shape without using any dye or ink. This is done by using a special lifting solution that bonds individual hairs together into a single piece of hair. The result is full, fluffy-looking brows that stay in place all day long. The treatment lasts for up to eight weeks before needing to be touched up again. 


Brow lamination uses a perming solution to relax the brow hair and make it more manageable. This treatment uses a 3-part solution; the first relaxes the hair and makes it more malleable, the second is placed on the brow after the first step is removed, it stops the processing of the first solution and sets the hairs into the shape that you would like them. The third step is a nourishing/conditioning treatment. Brows will look fuller and be more manageable. You can add a brow tint to the process, which will add dimension and depth. It will darken the brow hair, and if you choose, it can be placed on the skin to create a fuller shape. 


The main difference between these two treatments lies in how they work: while brow lamination uses a chemical solution to hold hairs in place, microblading uses semi-permanent ink that’s applied directly onto the skin with a tiny blade-like tool. Additionally, microblading creates fuller, thicker-looking brows, while lamination gives you more control over the shape of your eyebrows by lifting individual hairs into place for a more uniform look.


Both treatments will enhance the shape and fullness of your brows. Microblading is a more permanent treatment lasting years with maintenance. It takes about 3 hours for the initial treatment and ranges from about $350 to $1,500, depending on where you go. You will need to get your eyebrows touched up about every year.


Lamination takes about 45 minutes and costs around $100-$150, and will last about 6-7 wks. It is a less invasive treatment and obviously less expensive and time-consuming. Lamination and microblading are both good options for those of us with thin or sparse brows. 


No matter which one you choose, though, both treatments can help give your eyes the perfect frame they deserve! 


Make an appointment today and talk to one of our estheticians about brow lamination or microblading.